Our Story

Parenthood is always evolving. There is no greater joy than in watching your little one grow from a snuggly bean, to a little munchkin. His first kick; his first cry; his first wobbly steps. Every stage celebrates a different growth milestone but one thing stays and will only grow stronger - the bond between.

To encapsulate the spirit of parenthood and the bond between parents and their children, we have combined the French word bon (good) with bijou (precious). The letter B in our logo evokes the silhouette of an expectant mother, as well as a heart that opens and embraces. 

Bonbijou has evolved and grown ever since its introduction to Singapore as Bonbebe in 2007. We then transitioned to Bonbijou by Bonbebe in 2013, and officially trademarked Bonbijou in 2015 in Singapore.

Every Bonbijou product is lovingly crafted for you and your child's needs with 3 guiding pillars: Quality, Affordability, and Style, as we believe that having a peace of mind, is priceless.


Bonbijou believes that every child deserves to be loved and cared for. In effort to extend our support to children from the Singapore Children's Society, $2 will be donated to the organisation for every participating Bonbijou product sold. We are incredibly proud and humbled by the contribution we can make from the support given to Bonbijou and we hope to take this initiative further in the future. Thank you for supporting Bonbijou and our cause. Every little thought counts.


Singapore Children's Society Award